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Concrete Restoration and Repair

Are the concrete tiles and floors in your home or business beginning to look a little worse for wear? Never fear. The concrete restoration and repair professionals at Concrete Charleston are here to assist you. Offering the finest concrete services in the region, we're able to restore your valuable concrete and Terrazzo tiles to their former glory.

We can't wait to show you what we're capable of. Do away with the chips and cracks in the concrete today by dialing (843) 620-2367.

Renew and Reseal Your Concrete

Concrete floors might be durable, but the sealant and finishes that cover your floors might be prone to scuffs and other unsightly damages. In times such as those, you might want to do away with the concrete floors altogether. Before you make any big decisions, though, we invite you to contact us. By resealing your concrete, we'll be able to add longevity to the flooring system while also making it look more attractive than ever before.

Are you looking to seal your floors for the first time? We are the contractors you need. With our concrete sealant team at the helm, you won't need to sit around wondering whether the results are going to meet your standards. We always exceed expectations-and in the best way possible, too.

Customize the Concrete Seals

We know how important customization is when we're working with client's concrete floors. Not everyone wants the same type of finish. Some might want something a little subtle, while others might want something that catches the eye. Which would you prefer? Let us know!

Some of the sealers we commonly deploy include:

  • Semi-gloss
  • Matte finish
  • Invisible finish
  • Epoxy concrete sealer
  • Polyurethane
  • And more

Structural Repairs for Your Concrete

There are times when concrete damage goes a little deeper than just scuffs and minor cracks. We don't shy away from those sorts of jobs. In fact, we seek them out.

Are you worried that your concrete columns are incapable of bearing heavy loads? Let us take a look at them.

Repairing Your Terrazzo Tiles

Have cracks and chips begun to appear in your valued Terrazzo tiles? We are skilled in tile repair. In little time at all, we can fill the cracks, replace key tiles, and so much more. We work with great care because we understand how valuable these types of tiles are to our clientele.

Call the Concrete Crew Now

We are a dedicated team of professionals. From the very first point of contact to the final stages of concrete restoration, our contractors will be at your service. When questions arise, we'll answer them. When you have suggestions, we'll pause for your input. By the end of the concrete repair session, you'll be so happy with our service you'll want to tell everyone about us. With results like the ones we provide, who could blame you?

Pick up the phone and call (843) 620-2367 to schedule a consultation with a skilled concrete flooring contractor.

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